These are the Standards of Practice that I will hold myself, and all of my employees, responsible to for as long as I am in business.

-I will serve actors and creative teams with integrity, usefulness, privacy, and responsiveness.

-I will show respect for all creatives through a clean, safe, focused, prepped, and engaging room.

-I will not touch an actor or creative without verbal consent. Nor will I use harassing language. I will provide a safe space for others to tell me if they feel uncomfortable in any way and will attempt to make any changes necessary to ensure they feel safe.

-I will avoid conflicts of interest between creatives whenever possible.

-I will forego the gratification of ego for the demands of the work.

-I will not engage in caustic criticism of another artist’s work from an urge to increase my own prestige. I will engage in thoughtful conversation that pushes the art form forward.

-I will observe courtesy and shall comport myself in strict compliance with industry standards, best practices, and union rules.

-I shall direct my efforts in such a manner that when I leave the industry it will stand as a greater, more equitable, inclusive, and more truthful institution for my having labored there.