Music & Book: Amanda D'Archangelis

Lyrics & Book: Sami Horneff

Breakdown Type: Theatre

Union Status: NON-UNION

Rate of Pay / Contract:
$700 (Principals), $600 (Ensemble)

Submission Deadline: 04/06/2018

Producer: Kelly Mackenzie Creative LLC

Director: Allison Benko

Music & Book: Amanda D'Archangelis

Lyrics & Book: Sami Horneff

Choreographer: Sarah Crane

Musical Director: Anthony Brindisi & Jon Bauerfeld

Casting Director: Kate Lumpkin

Audition Date(s): 04/11/2018

Callback Date(s): 04/13/2018

Rehearsal Date(s): 04/23/2018-05/10/2018

Preview Date(s): 05/11/2018-05/13/2018

Opening Date(s): 05/18/2018

Closing Date(s): 06/17/2018

Shoot Location: New York City, NY

Venue: The Players Theatre

Additional Project Info: Shows perform on weekends ONLY. Fri/Sat: 8:00PM and Sun: 3:00PM.



It’s the hottest day of the year at Lucky Land Amusement Park in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Abigail, Sarah, and Moira – three Amish girls from a nearby community – arrive at the park for their very first day of Rumspringa, the year in an Amish teenager’s life when they are given the opportunity to explore the “English” world. In their one day at Lucky Land, each girl has a life-changing adventure that will alter the way she thinks about her upbringing - and herself - forever. And when Abigail falls for Shane, a troubled but kind-hearted teen from Florida, she must make the ultimate decision: return to the safety of the Amish world or leave her family behind in favor of a life she’s never known and a feeling she never expected. 

This fast-paced, fun, and joyful new musical employs a contemporary Pop/Rock/Folk score to tell a story that is light in tone but deep in thematic content. Its unique exploration of Amish culture and the intriguing custom of Rumspringa renders it one-of-a-kind in the contemporary theatrical canon. And, with a refreshing wit and charm laced throughout the original songs, Single Rider is certainly a thrill ride audiences will not soon forget.


A sweet and naïve Amish girl on her Rumspringa. A little quirky, she's always been a bit of an outsider in her community. While a dreamer, she is immensely practical and stronger than even she realizes. Soprano with belt. (18+ to play 16)


A teen from Florida living with his Aunt in Pennsylvania for the summer due to troubles at home. A nerd with an edge, his dream is to one day be a roller coaster engineer. While a little awkward (and oftentimes overly talkative), Shane is good to the core. Pop tenor. (18+ to play 17)


The daughter of the park’s owner and the “Momma Bear” of all who visit, she is both wise and youthful with a magical spark. Her commanding presence and sense of fun render her as our leading player over the course of this journey. Soulful mezzo with belt. (30-40)


Abigail’s cousin, she is an Amish girl on her Rumspringa who is ready to take full advantage of her newfound freedom. Pretty and oftentimes cruel (with a comedic undertone), she is the leader of the friend group. When her perfect Rumspringa plan does not go as anticipated, she must come to terms with her future. Mezzo/Soprano with high belt. (18+ to play 16)


Abigail’s cousin, and the dorkiest member of the Amish friend group. Hilariously funny in a completely unassuming way, she speaks with a lisp (lateral preferred). Charming and with a heart of gold, Moira develops a crush on a female performer at the park and must confront a part of herself she never knew existed. Mezzo/Soprano with high belt. (18+ to play 16)


Sexy and captivating, Nikki is the lead singer in Lucky Land's musical review. She becomes the object of Moira's attention and enjoys the flirtation that comes with it. Track will play multiple roles including Lucky Penny (a costume character at the theme park). Must be an excellent dancer with a high pop belt. (Late 20's / Early 30's)


Garrett (a crotchety Lucky Land employee) / Joseph (Abigail's strict Amish father). Must have excellent comedic timing. Bass/Baritone. (30-40)


Buster (a dorky teenage employee of Lucky Land who dreams of a future rap career) / Jacob (a dry and sarcastic Amish boy). Must have excellent comedic timing. Tenor with ability to rap. (18+ to play 17)


Lollipop Lady (a friendly and perky park employee) / Miriam (Abigail's kind Amish mother). Must have excellent comedic timing. Mezzo/Soprano. (30-40)


Larry the Leprechaun (a costumed character at the park who enters into an questionable relationship with the much younger Sarah) / Zeke (one of the singers in the Lucky Land musical review). Excellent dancer preferred. Must be able to speak in Irish dialect. Baritone. (Late 20's / Early 30's)

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