TO SUBMIT: Please email Subject line should read YOUR NAME // BOSIE // OSCAR AT THE CROWN. Please send your resume, headshot, and any footage you have of you singing pop/rock as well as any footage of you dancing. Please only submit if you are available for the dates listed below.

Non-Union Theatre
Venue: 3 Dollar Bill, Brooklyn

Producers: Seaview Productions, SL Theatricals
Associate Producer: Jenn Maley
Created By: Mark Mauriello
Music and Lyrics: Andrew Barret Cox
Director: Shira Milikowsky
Choreographer: Andrew Barret Cox
General Manager: SL Theatricals
Casting Director: Kate Lumpkin, CSA
Audition Date(s): 05/13/2019
Callback Date(s): 05/13/2019
Rehearsal Date(s): Immediate Start
Opening Date(s): 06/06/2019
Closing Date(s): Open Ended
Weekly Performance Schedule: 3 performance/week (Subject to change)
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Rate: $80/Performance and $15/hr Rehearsal Salary

[BOSIE] Male-Identifying/Non-Binary, any background, 18-30; An impetuous, infectious muse. Bosie knows what he wants and always gets it. Deep down, he’s just a boy who wants to be loved and accepted. Plays the role of Lord Alfred “Bosie” Douglas. A strong pop/rock singer AND dancer who is able to make every head in the room turn and every jaw hang open just by being his fearless self.

Story line: OSCAR at The Crown is a queer musical/nightclub experience from the minds of performance collective The Neon Coven’s three co-founders: creator and star Mark Mauriello, composer and choreographer Andrew Barret Cox, and director Shira Milikowsky.
Sequins, reality television, and the complete works of Oscar Wilde: not much else survives in a secret bunker far in the fascist future. OSCAR at The Crown details the rise and fall of one of history's most flamboyant characters. AND it’s about The Real Housewives and this minor character from that show The O.C. ¯\_(?)_/¯ See you on the dance floor! Wear something cool!