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Dates for ALL SHOWS:

Tech: Friday, May 18th 5:30pm-7:30pm

4x15 Presentation: Friday, May 18th at 8pm 

Rehearsals will be scheduled between Monday May 14 and Thursday May 17.


Staffing Info:

Founding Artistic Director: Shakina Nayfack

General Management: Dailey-Monda Management, Frankie Dailey & Joey Monda

MTF Director of Programming: Lynn Spector

Director of Education & Artistic Associate: Shaun Peknic

Casting Director: Kate Lumpkin Casting


Book, Music, and Lyrics by Paulo K Tiról


Called is the story of Carmela, an overachieving Manila-based call center agent on the threshold of achieving her long-time dream of moving to the United States, and Nelson, a lonely septuagenarian caller from North Dakota who wants nothing more than to be Carmela's friend. Through the memories that surface in these two characters' phone conversations over the course of five days, Called tells the story of what each of us would do—and give up—for our dreams.

CARMELA -- Mezzo belter in her early 20s. Filipino - Ambitious, prodigiously overachieving, laser-focused, has a huge chip on her shoulder.

NELSON -- Baritenor in his 70s. American midwesterner. Good-natured, somewhat absent-minded, somewhat simple, but also surprisingly incisive and wise.

ERIN -- Carmela's boss. Mezzo belter in her late 30s to early 40s. Asian - Powerful, no-nonsense, intimidatingly modern.

CALL CENTER AGENTS (x3) -- Filipino - A mezzo belter, a tenor, and a baritenor. Ages are flexible: early 20s to late 30s. Cynical, smart-ass, sharp-tongued slackers.


Book, Music, and Lyrics by Marcus Scott


When all of the academic and extracurricular programs are eliminated from their high school arts and humanities curriculum, theatre geek and chess prodigy Franklin McQueen stages a revolt against the Department of Education and the topsy-turvy education system, inspiring and recruiting the student body in his passionate and fearless mission. Cherry Bomb explores many social issues including class consciousness, the decline of arts and humanities education, ethics in modern child psychiatry, juvenile prescription medication, teenage rebellion, and sexual exploration during adolescence.

FRANKLIN MCQUEEN (15) - Highly intelligent, politically sapient, borderline militant young man; obstinate in both manner and speech; has his entire future mapped out; a chess prodigy and latch key kid. Because he’s also the protagonist, there is an eagerness and accessibility to him. Baritenor with wide range and agile falsetto (A2–G5).

PHAEDRA PHAROAH (15) - Socially-awkward small town tomboy whose body is maturing faster than her mind; She relates to the boys probably because of her thick skin and quick, acerbic wit. Suffers from ugly ducking syndrome but is a budding teenage goddess. The moral compass. Robusto Mezzo with belt (F3–E♭5; sings between F2–F6 during full show).

QUENTIN ABBOT (15 or 16) - Franklin’s fierce and loyal best friend; Hyper-frenzied guy with a morbid sense of humor. Snarky. Sarcastic. Always has an answer for everything and a fondness for pushing things too far. Despite this, there’s a deep wisdom and he’s also very charming. Soulful tenor (D3–D5).

AEROSOL CHATEAU (16) / MS. GRAY (30s) / QUENTIN’S MOM (30s) - As AEROSOL, she’s the party animal, teenage dream and the girl who grew up too fast; angst-ridden mean girl with a voice as sweet as a Disney Princess. As MS. GRAY, a child psychiatrist; zero sex drive, discreet and observant. As QUENTIN’S MOM, time and pain is like a visible scar. Contralto with belt (G2-C6).

LETTERMAN CABALLERO (16) / BRAIN (14) - Most popular kid in school, chick magnet and the golden boy; Well-built with a pretentious charm; not very smart, but not a stereotype, or is he? As BRAIN, he’s nerdy, well-informed. Pop Rock Baritone. (A2–G4)

PRINCESS (15) / MOM (40s) / HIPPIE (17)  - Aerosol’s dutifully loyal personal secretary, sidekick and number two. Narrator of “Cherry Bomb”; She has an eccentric feral but fashionable wardrobe; informed socialite and gossip. Puckish, sensual, and enigmatic. As MOM, she’s a no-nonsense hardworking workaholic single mother, encourages her sons to be the best, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t made a few mistakes along the way. As Hippie, perpetually high. Smoky soubrette. (C3-D6)

AVI (16) / ROSS (19) - Narrator of “Cherry Bomb,” Letterman’s best friend and wingman; the bohemian type. A self-medicated teen and dealer. As ROSS, Franklin’s older brother, family man and college hopeful; stayed at home because he couldn’t afford school; goes out every night, probably to balm the pain. Baritenor. (A2–B4)

MR. STEPHENS (50s) - As “MR. STEPHENS,” he’s the jaded principal of Livingston Academy; he’s always working an angle, and is more condescending than sarcastic. Can be defined as calculating, superficial, single-minded and unethical. Blues singer with pop-rock or punk roots. (C♯2–F4)

CHORUS (mid-to-late teens, 2 men + 2 women) - Various roles: students, protestors, boys in locker room, backup singers. Must be game to make strong bold choices and craft diverse, distinct and playfully broad characters and stock types.


Book, Music, and Lyrics by Emily Gardener Xu Hall


Untitled Cherry Orchard Musical is a feminist upending of Chekhov’s Cherry Orchard in which the three protagonists are the mother, the daughter and the stepdaughter of the family. The cast is multi-racial by design, allowing for actors of multiple racial backgrounds in multiple roles, and there is space for at least one trans or genderqueer actor. The score is pop music with jazz, blues and folk influences, played by the cast of instrumentalists. Lyuba, Anya and Varya are the protagonists of this Cherry Orchard, where the limited role of females in society has a major impact on the fate of the family. With a history of secret affairs, irresponsibility and the tragic death of a 7-yr-old boy, what can the next generation do to save the family? We live in a multi-racial society. We live off the labour of an immigrant population. We stand in the shadow of the 2008 credit crunch. We stand in the bloody tracks of an emancipated population. What was this country? Was it great? Is there a revolution coming for us?

LOPAKHIN. Male Identifying, 30s-50s. Tenor, great rock belt and extensive range. Lead of one of the two songs. Charismatic, charming, suave and deeply funny.

VARYA. Female Identifying, 20s-40s. Alto. Practical and funny, plays the straight man for laughs.

ANYA. Female Identifying, 20s. Soprano. Self-assured.

GAEV. Male Idntifying, 40s-60s. Tenor. Very serious. Takes himself way too seriously.

SIMEONOV-PISHCHIK. Male Identifying, 40s-60s. Bass/baritone. Obsessed with Charlotta.

CHARLOTTA. GNC, 20s-80s. Used to be a circus performer. Tattoos, fun stuff encouraged.

FIRS. GNC, 70s-90s. Must be hilarious.

DUNYASHA. Female Identifying, 20s-60s. Mezzo. Fun.
YEPHIKHODOV. Male Identifying 10s-50s. Awkward.
YASHA. Male Identifying, 20s-50s. Bass/baritone. Leads with sensuality.

Group Therapy

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Janelle Lawrence


Do you believe Group Therapy will be right for you? Group Therapy promotes a safe space where different types of people come together and work to reassure each other they shouldn’t feel isolated by their mental conditions and join together by sharing ideas and seeing different point of views. Dr. Marlene Kender navigates talking and listening in the space to keep in perspective one very important message, “You are not alone.” With mental health being more commonly diagnosed, it is still very uncommon to feel comfortable talking about it. Isolation and oppression take on different forms and Dr. Kender promotes conversations to be positive, proactive and geared towards understanding and accepting each other! This eccentric group takes the whole session out of her hands until finally, even she cracks. It’s hilarious, chaotic, and honest as it deals with some of the deepest problems we all share.

Dr. Marlene Kender - Therapist/Group leader. Recently divorced. “Though I am a licensed therapist I want you to view me as your Group Facilitator, I’m just here to promote your communal healing. Soprano

Sophia  - A ladder climbing business woman with OCD. MENASA Soprano

Andrew - A construction worker. Impulsive. Tenor

Julianus - A closeted Pop singer who has anxiety. Tenor

Barbara - The recovering codependent. Alto

Bridg - GNC. Dealing with their transition to a new town. Bass

Roxie - Entered as a sex addict, currently working to PTSD. Mezzo-Soprano.


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