When we meet, think of me as your personal creative director. I help solidify your specific point of view and empower you to find active steps towards achieving your goals. I want to ensure that you are living the life you want from a position of confidence and power.


  • You want to feel more confident and powerful.

  • You want to energize your movement forward in the entertainment industry.

  • You want some clarity regarding life choices that must be made.

  • You want to finally ask the industry questions you have always wanted to answers to. 

  • You want to look as amazing as you feel.


So much of what holds people back in the entertainment industry is a lack of point of view, personal awareness, and the ability to talk about our through-lines. So many people decide to go into acting because they believe that it is the only foray in the world of entertainment. That is simply not true. If you want to tell stories, make art, have thoughtful conversations with intelligent people, create social change, or even just wear amazing costumes -- there are a lot of options for your life. But all of them need one thing from you: the WHY. Why you? What do you specifically bring to the table that nobody else can. I can help you find the WHY --- and more importantly, I can help you tell the world.

 I can work with you on crafting your identity, career mapping, audition preparation, social media storytelling, website design, personal shopping, PR prep, etc. Pretty much any and everything that you want to discuss is on the table — nothing is stupid or silly. I work to help well rounded human beings become super comfortable in the entertainment world. I want to talk you through the process and make you feel awesome about where you are, where you are going, and what it takes to be a professional human being in this industry. I believe in kindness always ---  but I will also be very honest and straight forward about what you need to do to get yourself in gear and be successful! 


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Kate is a force to be reckoned with. What makes her coaching so unique is that it doesn’t FEEL like coaching - it feels like a scene in Sex and the City where you’re with one of your girlfriends catching up and being fabulous because she makes you feel that way. She talks to you like your friend and collaborator and will be direct with what is urgent vs. important in order to bring your career (and sometimes personal life, as they go hand in hand) to the next level. I’d highly recommend her to a beginner in any industry to someone who is seasoned in life. Hire her. You won’t be sorry.
— Zachary Spiegel (Actor)
What’s most impressive about Kate is her commitment to making opportunities accessible to the people that need them most. In a culture where success is so often achieved by those with the right connections or the most amount of money, Kate helps create open doors for “all the people” who are looking to achieve their goals. I’d go as far to say that she just may be the populist of the entertainment industry. She’s insightful, knowledgable and, most of all, incredibly caring.
— Shauna Goodgold (Actor)
I could start with many fabulous notes about Kate’s coaching; however, I will focus on her persona. Kate is one of the most honest, loyal, and genuine people I have met. She truly and deeply cares about each and every one of her clients: it is never about the money.

I know that I can trust Kate’s sound advice to be one of truth – even if it may be in opposition to what I want to hear. Kate is always gentle, loving and kind – her words will never sting or diminish, even through brutal honesty. Kate is a fiery, passionate lady who lives life to the fullest and inspires others to as well. She treats everyone with the upmost respect – she does not demand respect and then gives it in return, but rather her baseline is respect no matter what. As an actor, we are often times made to feel beneath casting directors, directors, or really anyone in the industry. When you work with Kate you will never feel this way. You will feel elated and valued.

Kate has the vibrancy of youth, yet the knowledge of a deep career.

If you want a resurgence of believe and support in yourself, look no further than Kate Lumpkin, and if you want to master the business skills needed to work consistently in this industry, turn towards Kate.
— Olivia Bosek (Actor & Writer)
Kate truly is your own personal fairy godmother. Never have I met someone so knowledgable, so positive, so realistic and eloquent, to guide me in my career path. Kate sees you. She looks at you and she speaks with you and she sees where you can go and how to get you there. She sees everything about you that other people might not, and teaches you how to use it to your advantage. Kate will find your magic, and I cannot recommend coaching with her enough. Work with her will change your path for the absolute better, and introduce you to a whole new world of your strength and success. Five stars, always!
— Jennifer Haining (Actor)
Kate Lumpkin is one of the most generous people I have ever met in the entertainment business, and let me tell you, time with her is valuable. I spent ten minutes in a career coaching session with her right before an interview with an agent, and I signed with that agent the following week in part because of the intelligent questions we discussed asking in my meeting. Professional Fairy Godmother is right!
— Susannah Jones (Actor)
Kate was referenced out to me by a friend for some audition help. I had been feeling incredibly stalled in my career and unsure what avenues would help me to get me back in gear. Within the first 5 minutes of meeting Kate, I knew I was going to get the information and help that I desperately need to hear! Kate’s knowledge, grace, ideas, and gentle nudges help you stay motivated in the long term. Since meeting Kate my career is already moving forward in a way that it hasn’t in the past 2 years. I highly recommend anyone to meet with her. She is a class act!
— Lindsay Spangenthal (Actor)
Kate has the ability to condense the overwhelming struggles performers face into simple problems with manageable solutions. She builds you up, while also identifying areas in which you need to grow. She is all you could wish for in a Fairy Godmother!
— Cassie Alexander (Actor)
When she’s says professional fairy godmother, she’s not kidding! Meeting with Kate was not only educational and informative, but it was a confidence booster. Kate has an ability to find what is unique about individuals and then help inform how to use that uniqueness to the performer’s advantage, instead of molding into what the business wants or expects. I would recommend her to anyone who is feeling a little lost and needs a pick me up! Kate’s advice has helped me and guided me in a direction that I really needed.
— Melissa Rose Hirsch (Actor)
A mutual friend referred me to Kate Lumpkin after I told him that I wanted to leave my job and pursue acting full time. I’m so glad that he did! Kate could not have been more kind, compassionate, helpful or generous with her time. She really is a professional fairy godmother! I left our meeting with a much clearer path and renewed sense of purpose. Thank you, Kate!
— Sarah M. (Actor)
Kate Lumpkin coaches in a way that helps you weed out what will work for your professional career from the the many tangled ideas in your mind. She operates in a caring and constructive way, taking the time to understand you, what you need, and where you want to go. For me, she helped me recognize the bright spots in a challenging situation, galvanize my strengths, and helped me devise a clear plan of action that gave me the confidence and focus to move forward. Put yourself in Kate Lumpkin’s hands, speak to her open and honestly, and you will begin to see the clouds begin to part and your future taking shape before your eyes.
— Mark Robinson (Writer and Theatre Historian)
Kate is a wonderful resource for any actor! She’s incredibly knowledgable about the business and so helpful. She is both kind and honest, and fiercely confident in her clients! Coaching with Kate was a wonderful experience, and one I intend on having regularly!
— Emily Turner Marsland (Actor)
Kate has a really remarkable way of guiding you and keeping you focused on honoring the truest expression of who you really are and then she gives you the tools, motivation, inspiration and clarity to get you on your way of showcasing that true expression.
— Janelle Rintrona (Healing Artist)

CONTACT me for questions on coaching packages and pricing. 

Remember -- you must drive your change. Coaching does not work unless you are ready to be open and discuss your truths. I am not a doctor or a trained therapist. If you have moderate to severe depression, please seek a medical professional before contacting me --- for your own benefit!  

I will be holding Industry "Office Hours" every Sunday from 6-7PM. It is TOTALLY FREE to anyone who wants to join and ask questions. Just like college --- only for the real world. I will be live on Facebook where you can ask questions in the the chat section of the livestream!

I DON'T KNOW EVERYTHING AND I DON'T PRETEND TO --- but I do know a lot of things! Remembering that this industry is ever changing and super subjective --- I will do my best to give you answers that make sense to me and my experiences --- and any of my guests will do the same! 

You have questions about pilot season? You want to know how to make the most out of an open call? You want to know what the deal is with brand identity, career mapping, audition preparation, social media storytelling, website design, image consultations, clothing choices, PR prep, etc. Pretty much any and everything that you want to discuss is on the table. I'll be here and my door will be open!