I want to talk about how we discuss identities in Breakdowns and in our auditions rooms. As an anthropologist {come through Kinsey Institute!}, I am highly invested in the study of society, how we define ourselves within society, and how we discuss those identities. In the theatrical community, the discussion of identity is done so very publically at all times. And I find myself in a position, where I have agency when it comes to the way we write about identity via Breakdown language and how we cultivate discussion about identity in audition rooms. My husband will tell you, I take hours and hours and hours to craft Breakdown language that I hope reads as inclusive, equitable, and non-offensive, while also getting the creative team what they are looking for. I have spent days having discussions with people, from all experiences of a life, talking about the language that they think represents them well, and quite often, what they want varies greatly. Here is what I know for sure, my experience of a life as a white cis woman is only ONE experience of a life --- and while it certainly has value --- it does not allow me to have all of the answers – or even many of the answers. So, I wanted to create an ANONYMOUS form for you all to help me create some standards of practice and language that I can share with my creative teams moving forward.

Is there language that you wish we were using in Breakdowns? Is there language that might seem inclusive to some but does not feel right to you? Let me know! ***I would kindly ask that you refrain from using names of offices, shows, or specific people.*** I am hoping to learn from you and in turn make somethings better --- not to cause harm.